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Body Mystique



Skin-DNA Hair, Nails & Beauty



Fabulyn Hair Salon



Hair Aroma



The Muse - Barber, Hair & Beauty (Mariska)



Waverley Beauty Clinic



Ola's unique nails and spa



Aiyana Beauty



Da'vido Beauty Parlour



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GoodApp’s Guide to Beauty Salons near Waverley, Pretoria

Welcome to GoodApp’s definitive guide to discovering your next beauty sanctuary in the heart of Waverley, Pretoria. In an area renowned for its vibrant beauty scene, GoodApp stands as your premier navigator, connecting you with the most acclaimed beauty salons that Waverley has to offer. Whether you’re seeking a transformative hair makeover, a relaxing spa day, or meticulous nail art, our curated selections promise to cater to every beauty aspiration.

Why Choose Waverley, Pretoria for Your Beauty Needs

Waverley is not just a picturesque suburb of Pretoria; it’s a burgeoning epicenter for the beauty industry, brimming with professionals passionate about enhancing your natural beauty. This district distinguishes itself with an array of beauty salons that offer a wide spectrum of services, from basic grooming to luxurious pampering. The convenience of its location, coupled with the serene backdrop of Pretoria’s lush landscapes, makes Waverley an ideal destination for those looking to blend beauty treatments with tranquility.

Top Beauty Services Offered in Waverley

In Waverley, the beauty services available are as diverse as the clientele they serve. Salons in the area pride themselves on a comprehensive suite of offerings, including, but not limited to:

  • Hair Styling: From cutting-edge haircuts to bespoke coloring, Waverley’s hair stylists are at the forefront of hair fashion.
  • Nail Care: Experience meticulous manicures and pedicures that range from classic looks to avant-garde nail art.
  • Skincare Treatments: Indulge in facials, peels, and other skincare therapies designed to rejuvenate and refresh your complexion.
  • Makeup and Bridal Services: Special occasions demand special attention. Find expert makeup artists to highlight your best features.
  • Spa Treatments: Escape into a world of relaxation with massages, body wraps, and more for the ultimate pampering.


These services are complemented by specialized offerings such as men’s grooming, organic beauty treatments, and aesthetic enhancements, ensuring that every beauty need is met with expert care.

How to Choose the Best Salon for You

Choosing the right beauty salon is paramount to ensuring your beauty journey is both satisfying and rewarding. Consider the following when making your selection:

  • Cleanliness and Hygiene: A top priority, especially in today’s health-conscious world.
  • Range of Services: Ensure the salon offers the services you’re looking for.
  • Expertise of Staff: Skilled professionals can significantly enhance your salon experience.
  • Customer Reviews: Leverage GoodApp to read what others have to say about their experiences.
  • Ambiance: The salon’s environment should make you feel relaxed and welcome.

GoodApp simplifies this process, allowing you to filter salons by services, reviews, and proximity to your location, ensuring you find your ideal match with ease.

GoodApp Exclusive Offers

To enhance your beauty salon experience in Waverley, GoodApp is thrilled to present exclusive offers and promotions available only to our users. From discounted spa days to savings on full-service makeovers, our app is your gateway to enjoying more beauty services for less. Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers; download GoodApp today and unlock the full potential of beauty in Waverley, Pretoria.


Your journey to discovering the perfect beauty salon in Waverley, Pretoria, begins with GoodApp. With our comprehensive guide and user-friendly platform, we’re dedicated to connecting you with the best beauty services the area has to offer. Embrace the convenience, variety, and excellence of Waverley’s beauty scene with GoodApp. Start exploring today and transform your beauty routine into an experience of pure delight.