Best Beauty Salons in Claremont

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Beauty Box Salon Claremont, Cape Town



Milk and Honey Beauty Salon



Be-Dazzle Hair & Beauty



Shenanigans Beauty & Laser Clinic



BOA Beauty Bar Claremont



The Worx Hair Studio



Essential Beauty



New image beauty day spa



BW Beauty Boutique Health and Beauty



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Claremont’s Beauty Scene:

Claremont isn’t just about prestigious colleges and cute coffee shops; it’s a hidden treasure trove of beauty! We’re talking about a spectrum of salons from the “Oh so chic!” hair studios to the “Ah, that’s heaven!” luxurious spas. Whether you’re budget-conscious or ready to splurge, Claremont has got you covered. Fancy a new hairdo? There’s a salon for that. Dreaming of a facial that makes your skin sing? There’s a spa for that too. And the best part? Good App knows them all – it’s like your insider guide to the crème de la crème of Claremont’s beauty scene.

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