Nailing It in Cape Town

Nailing It in Cape Town: The City’s Top Nail Salons

Nestled at the southernmost point of Africa, Cape Town is a charming city known for its thriving fashion and beauty scene in addition to its stunning scenery. Nail salons are essential to the beauty regimen of both residents and visitors to this city of classic elegance blended with modern style. These nail salons offer more than simply manicure services; they are havens of rest and transformation. It’s important to choose the proper nail salon; considerations include the overall experience, the ambiance, and the quality of service in addition to the color scheme.For those seeking the perfect blend of style, professionalism, and luxury in their nail care, Cape Town offers a myriad of options.

Discovering the Best Nail Salons in Cape Town

When it comes to nail care, Cape Town stands out with its diverse range of salons that cater to every style and preference. The quest for the “Best Nail Salons Cape Town” often leads to a delightful exploration of various establishments, each with its unique charm and specialties. These salons are distinguished not only by their skillful nail artistry but also by their commitment to quality and hygiene. For residents and visitors alike, finding a salon “near you” that resonates with your personal style and meets your nail care needs is an experience worth pursuing. From chic urban studios to tranquil spa-like retreats, Cape Town’s nail salons are a testament to the city’s dedication to beauty and self-care.

Top 8 Nail Salons in Cape Town of 2023


Jelwana Nails & Beauty
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(10+ reviews)
jelwana in cape town

2. Hashtag Colour Nails

Beauty Salon in Gardans
Hashtag Colour Nails
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(10+ reviews)
htag in cape town

3. Sana Salon

Sana Salon
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(10+ reviews)
sana in cape town

4. The Colour Cove Nail Bar Newlands, Cape Town

Nail and Beauty bar in Newlands.
The Colour Cove Nail Bar Newlands, Cape Town
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(10+ reviews)
The colour in cape town

5. Nails and Lashes By Merilyn

Nail and Lashes By Merilyn
Nails and Lashes By Merilyn
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(10+ reviews)
Nails & Lashes in cape town

6. Beauty Affinity

Beauty Affinity
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(10+ reviews)

7. ManiPedi

Cape Town Based Nail & Foot Bar
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(10+ reviews)
Manipedi in capte town

8. Bandla Nails

Bandla Nails
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(10+ reviews)
bandla in cape town

Avg Cost of Nail Services in Cape Town

Service Average Cost (ZAR)
Basic Manicure
R55 - R225
Basic Pedicure
R55 - R245
Gel Royal Toes
Polygel Ombré
Soft Gel Tips & Gel Ombre
File & Go Manicure
Gel Nails
Nail fill (2 week)
Acrylic Set with Gel Overlay
This table provides a general idea of the pricing for nail services in Cape Town. Prices can vary based on the salon’s location, the expertise of the nail technicians, and the specific products.

Services Offered by Cape Town’s Premier Nail Salons

  • Classic Manicures and Pedicures: Traditional nail care services including nail shaping, cuticle care, and polish application.

  • Gel Nail Treatments: Application of gel polish for a longer-lasting, chip-resistant finish.

  • Acrylic Extensions: Offering durable nail extensions for those seeking length and strength in their nails.

  • Nail Art and Design: Custom nail art services including hand-painted designs, decals, and embellishments.

  • 3D Nail Art: Advanced nail art techniques for creating three-dimensional designs on nails.

  • Silk and Fiberglass Wraps: Nail strengthening treatments that use silk or fiberglass for natural-looking nail reinforcement.

  • UV Gel Overlays: A protective layer of gel applied over natural nails for added strength and shine.

  • Therapeutic Hand and Foot Treatments: Including massages, exfoliating scrubs, and moisturizing treatments for complete nail and skin care.

  • Seasonal and Trendy Styles: Regular updates of nail styles to reflect current trends and seasonal colors.

  • Bridal and Special Occasion Nail Services: Tailored nail designs for weddings, parties, and other special events.

  • Nail Repair and Maintenance: Services aimed at repairing broken nails and maintaining nail health.

  • Luxury Spa Manicures and Pedicures: An upgraded version of regular services with added luxury treatments and high-end products.

  • Men’s Nail Grooming: Specialized nail care services tailored for men.

  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Nail Options: Use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic nail products for health-conscious clients.

  • Private Nail Care Sessions: Exclusive one-on-one sessions for clients seeking privacy and personalized attention.

 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Salon

Choosing the right nail salon in Cape Town can be a delightful yet daunting task. Consider the following factors to make an informed decision:

  • Location: Convenience is key. Opt for a salon that is easily accessible to you.

  • Services Offered: Ensure the salon provides the services you are looking for, be it basic care or elaborate nail art.

  • Hygiene Standards: A clean and well-maintained salon is non-negotiable for safe nail care.

  • Pricing: Look for a salon that fits your budget while still offering quality services.

  • Technicians’ Expertise: Skilled technicians not only provide better results but can also advise on nail care and trends.

  • Reviews and Recommendations: Online reviews and recommendations from friends can provide valuable insights into a salon’s reputation.


Look for salons with good hygiene practices, high-quality products, skilled technicians, and positive customer reviews.
Yes, several salons prioritize eco-friendly practices and use sustainable, non-toxic nail products.
Absolutely. Many salons in Cape Town have technicians who specialize in custom and trendy nail art designs.
Prices vary depending on the salon’s location and the services offered, but you can expect a range from budget-friendly options to more luxurious treatments.

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